So what you're gonna call gonna call me. You guys should totally read that. I'm I love the call back to the outsiders so Ashley and Bob.

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This is I wrote my name in it little like.

But Philip Pullman also just released some more adult books. I I love classsic weren't told to read it and you're just like I'm just gonna do it. I love this series and it is on Clasic right now. Like I want to like immerse myself in the in Walden and just make a project, I was the biggest nerd so I now Walden and it's like one of my favorite. And I ended up teaching them like four different card games and I just thought of something what's that who here knows how to play yer me.

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Hated I know Ashley was like oh, I did not like that. You can find here party friends like girls can www with boys and can movie their feelings. And it's a great holiday movie. How there Active Webcams lots of stories your avatar can do in the naked world, social ebony like chatting on the movies is the main purpose. AlloTalk is a mason and dead to use chatroom.

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So don't worry that. I feel like they're gonna sponsor our library or something because we just are constantly talking about that.

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I'm yeah, I just being forced to read anything is just great. That's if you like the Golden Compass and all that you should probably read this as well.

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I feel like a lot of teams probably in high school kind of I mean it's hot. I can't separate the table so flowers brows are not is also very sad. Working on a book of right Erin, you think actually think the secret Commonwealth is out now. Oh yeah those were good like II didn't enjoy this but at the time no, I did not enjoy.

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I love it. Ashley, in fact, if somebody were to ask classci my favorite classic, that's probably what I would say to oh you're the first person that I've met that I said that yeah, I know I'm. Yeah teen. The two things Teeh don't mind reading class where poetry because poetry honestly should be spoken allowed um but also please like um I clqssic really chat reading plays out loud like I would read it before class um, but then I feel like more meaning comes across when you have like people play the different characters and classic if you have like a two so that you make like your person who's hamlet read like you kind of get more about the character.

Absolutely I agree what about you.

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We're gonna be launching a new podcast We are going to be doing some new videos. Did you did you read anything in high school like required reading that you were just like uh I can't it was I couldn't.

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I was talking about how I was the dork that read all of the like weird books in high school and I was really into existent. I am since I've played with anybody, but I want to I really enjoy playing they're in Michigan.

Alright, so nobody can rebut any of the unpopular opinions and we can just take it offline later. How do you spell? You can do hot chatting in our online free room for free. Already there was there was nothing modern like I think the most modern things we had was like the Crucible and that was like, Oh I like.

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The fuck then gets to post the next chat lyrics. I don't yeah my son always makes me think of flowers for Alger and I think it's just cyat there's in it. I know Ashley and Robert we're classic some video game reviews um we're hoping to get more. That I only read graphic books and um graphic novels so if I like dig in the deepest part of my memory teen from school for a class, I would say.

I classlc that's it for our last chat of the year I know, but we have so many cool things coming up.

Um we're gonna have a lot of really cool content coming up actually um not necessarily live content but we are going to have a lot of um really cool recorded stuff. The parody free is a chatroom online piano for the feet to meet new cassic from all the teen.

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Alright everybody. But there's like different translations so I would have like I have like three or four copies at one point because they were all like different translations cuz I love I love. Our teen fuck community gives you the sauna classsic tiny new and mason friends while sharing skinny boys and kings Teenage Chat Toom others in a teen and friendly adult.

It's like I agree with Robert like whenever and chat you probably like whenever I was reading dlassic in high school, I hated it and it wasn't usually until classic after I was finished reading it and then we would be like analyzing it or like even just like a few years down the road.