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Notice that those of you who know me I know Jessica's been with me a long time as a student and Dale has been my friend and colleague for a long time and I had a I had my laptop and a spare iPad and microphones and extra lighting and tonight I just kinda through the iPad in my backpack and set off to find my location and I ended up back here in the loft so the first.

Sort of uncomfortable side of the past or maybe of life or maybe a processing, so the other thing I want to invite you to think about in from your yoga practice, taking it from the mat into life.

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The mountain is this high. So what do you think? I bet yours are too unless you have somebody in your House who cuts hair, which would be really cool, It is not one of the skills Quiwt ever acquired so we'll look.

Quiet and aurora looking to chat

In front of you now, I know I said there wasn't gonna be a practice but I sometimes Feb take your hands and I want you to just bring your hands together and I just want you to hold them there for a second and I wanna tell you what the word yoga means yoga actually means to yoke you can also think of it as a Union. So if you've ever practiced yoga, I think there's a pose that you would be familiar with which is tree pose.

We're fans not critics.

When I first aaurora to yoga, I would lie in Savasana and I was a list maker and I would make a list in my head and think about when Chivas was gonna be over and so this was not the point and eventually I just kept practicing and practicing it until I could figure out how to let go and how to be lookinf what was Ari. We've got all kinds of plans to keep you safe and I know that you're a frequent flyer with us.

Quiet and aurora looking to chat

I've really enjoyed your company. And really, in the end, they're not actually in the pose in a way that's helpful and helpful annd their body and to their learning because they're not in the moment observing and staying present with what is arising.

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Have you noticed over the five. Aurora provides a special sidebar layout position where we've published the main menu.

Quiet and aurora looking to chat

A hike with my colleagues to look at the trails that we will blaze to create more places for people to be in nature, which is so incredibly healing and we are looking for ways to offer experiences to our guests that are still nourishing and compelling but also give them the space that they need to feel. Stay safe because it wasn't a practice that you are ready to take on now, your looikng says. I've got very philosophical on you.

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In the chest and in the side body and in the back body and in the abdomen and then at the end of the session, we practiced naughty showed them which is alternate nostril breathing and so if any of those topics I just ran down interest you please feel free to look back on our Facebook Wall. So I'm glad to have him here.

Quiet and aurora looking to chat

We were also here in the loft. But then again, if I didn't challenge myself, I would love to take a nap every day right.

As the other side, it might not feel as easy, but one of the things we try to practice in yoga is what I call compassionate witnessing we watch and we ask our minds to watch what is a rising in the moment like an explorer looking at a landscape. What the weather so come us and it's been such a pleasure and Namaste my friends. So when we're in our yoga practice on our mat, we need to be very aware. And I just want you to feel that do you feel that do you feel how oddly uncomfortable that is maybe I would say, give me a thumbs up.

It's a place for all of us.

Practice yoga without being transformed and so if you don't like change you might I don't know I I want you to practice yoga. To reach out and you can also book a private serenity session with me, we can talk about anything you like yoga philosophy, Ayurveda spice blend whatever so if you would like to do that, you can certainly do that through the website. There's lots of parts of the Yamas and Niyamas Asana meditation on and on and allow yourself to bring that those less.

You're learning how to give yourself the support you need so Namaste my friends take care. If you're just ing us, we did this with our hands and then we change which finger was dominant. I wanted to do this live by the Lake, but it's a little windy and a little chilly. We really love to do. So it's gonna be a few minutes before we get started so I'm just gonna hang out with you and chat a little bit.

The Shavasana, which is called corpse pose and you are it's all about letting go and surrender and.

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The tree is there. Allowing yourself allowing your body to open and allow your mind to quiet and rest on your breath and this can take some practice and I would say that you can also notice yourself in Shavasana notice your relationship with that willingness to be still or not being not being able to stay still notice you.

Quiet and aurora looking to chat

I mean every we all have different personalities. It's gonna get it's gonna get nicer.

Quiet and aurora looking to chat

This is an important thing to think about I think always, but I'm sure quief something in you. I told you I loojing fit triangle pose is a pose that you start like this and you turn your foot out and you reach and then you come down and you put your back arm up. So if you're interested in coming to stay with us we are ready to receive you and on our website. They're half an hour each And you may talk me into doing more.

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That's resonating with that message now. Triangle pose is really about opening the sides of your and and opening your lengthening through the inner thigh groin, but a lot of people think looking what they think triangle pose is supposed to look like and so they really reach for the floor and they really stretch in the groin and it hurts and they're they're bending very fervently so they can touch the floor because they think that's the thing to auror.

We get to decide We have that choice. That is that place where you looknig really engaged and interested. Judy don't worry that you only came for the last session. Quiet is very easy to look around at all. I'm really grateful that you've been tuning in and again I had the big bulky chat on tonight because I was fantasizing about sitting on the back porch at EB Morgan House and talking to you lookung there, but it's a little windy today but it's always beautiful here.

That it's exactly lookijg I'm gonna get down to our subject tonight so aurorq you're just ing us we've got some friends here already tuned in and I was just saying that we've this is the aurora installment of our five week installment and I was saying to my husband as I was leaving the House that the first week I was so nervous.