Grinning casualty officer in a leaf-green, half-sleeved wetsuit and Buddy Holly glasses leers over. Drug-mask, pressurised oxygen, injection, non-stop cheery chatter, questions to M. Sl nurse, brisk confident local lad, silently wires me up and starts monitoring performance indicators behind my head.

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Amazing effect of coffee on blood-pressure and pulse!! And that's without knowing who has died in between and been carted off.

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Ruth still very busy with poor H. Fr Callaghan brings Mass to Mr King. Later identified as former ward heart-throb Dr James Britton - and he always forgets his badge. Brings Little Dorrit since it's thick like me. Iris Wood on duty tonight - Alan is now home.

Inkytext 96a: hospital diary

Wedge was royal blue by 4 am. They'll begin to think I'm religious around here - even Catholic! Supposing it weren't an issue? Do a load of model translations. Struck by the sampler in the Annexe day ward - the full 'Carpe diem' quote from Horace.

Not even sure it's a good idea. Write a chapter on the implications for literary criticism and scholarship of online texts as opposed to CD-Roms. This article first appeared at the Warfare History Network. What a way to spend a sanbbatical though.

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Glasgow doctor smelling of garlic takes a blood sample. The applied plates became a very distinctive feature of the Sherman from then on. Likewise their affection - genuine enough but only so far as required by the job. Another drawback was that, unlike the German tanks and the Chaf T medium tank, the Sherman made a far more visible target in combat because of its height. Mild coughing.

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Prolly hardly any female consultants! Even departmental meetings. Still no small talk and too serious. Patients enter horizontally. Sweltering again.

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Today, more than seven decades after the end of the greatest war in military history, the debate continues. Fairly drastic way to avoid them, mind.

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David Allan planning lunch with Princess. Only 3 of rthem in the Lancaster office.

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Mobile X-ray trolley appears. Shows an old-fashioned respect for literary 'culture' now a taboo word since it entered bizspeak you find in Ozzies, Canadians and On far more than in England. Oxtail soup, cottage pie, carrot and peas, ice-cream and tinned pears. Minestrone, smoked haddock and mushroom bake, roast potatoes, custard and pineapple chunks.

Has to come to Morecambe or Southport because it is flat.

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Grinning green-suit pops back and takes an arterial blood sample from the back of my wrist. Nearly forgot the acute asthmatics - not so many of us. Medium and long-wave radio-reception is impossible. Usual questions. Calls out apologies.

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The five-speed transmission was a synchromesh with front sprocket drive and a controlled differential, while the vertical volute suspension was changed to horizontal on later models, and its fuel capacity was between gallons. Scottish schools have already broken up and both his teacher daughters are on holiday in France with their families.

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He moves to Ward 9 later in case infectious. Think of it as the of candles you can blow out with a single short huff multiplied by Should have been off to his property in the Pyrenees.

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The use of High Explosive HE ammunition was preferred because antitank rounds punched cleanly through the thin armor of the Japanese tanks light tanks of s era de without necessarily stopping them. Like it says on unmarked level-crossings in France 'Attention: un train ni en cacher un autre'. Emergency assessment only, then they're shipped off elsewhere for treatment - home if they're lucky.

Is it just because they are women? Baroque is definitely the word - a richly weird and convincing facade with the real story glimpsing from behind.

Leek soup, fish, choc sponge and sauce. Thus, even before the end of the North African campaign most tankers welded the escape hatch shut, and the U. Enter Naaman Kessous bearing gifts.

Was the m4 sherman tank a "superior tool of war" or a "death trap"?

Bloody sight better than the last two Jeannette Winterson, now suffering from terminal conceit. Gut-rot - possible salmonella. Wheeled to X-ray at 1. The service cxo0sts the County 1 million and brings in 10 million. Unsuccessful male student suicides end up here. Suddenly did a runner out the verandah and car-park.