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The standards will be widely distributed through education associations to education officials, curriculum adlut, and teachers. Funders of environmental and global education projects also have expressed a need for a set of peer-reviewed, widely agreed-upon learning standards that could guide them in assessing programs.

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Educators have called for a set of essential learnings in environmental education that could be integrated into these standards. Awareness of shared needs and common ground is the first step. The need for pre-service teacher training in environmental curricula can hardly be overemphasized. As socio-economic problems and environmental issues become increasingly complex, advanced technologies can serve as a tool helping the human mind synthesize and integrate mountains of data.

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Washington, D. In addition, a way to measure student progress is essential. In addition, initiatives funded by the private sector should serve as examples for ensuring adequate pre-service training. WRI's Environmental Education Project works with other organizations to promote quality environmental education in the United States and worldwide.

Hart Research Associates indicated that only one percent of those surveyed listed endangered species as a serious environmental problem. Environmental Protection Agency. Matters related to the environment are at the forefront of these challenges'. For example, if youth in Seattle, Washington, monitor the of days each year they can see the peak of Mount Rainier, then this can be a simple indicator of air quality in that region. However, without a generally accepted framework of skills and concepts, these mandates can be difficult to implement and evaluate.

Participating elementary and middle schools will develop and implement a curriculum integration plan with environmental education as the focus of their restructuring efforts.

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Participants developed a common and compelling vision: to broaden our concept of education to include sustainable development. The survey revealed that only 13 percent of the universities that responded offer a required course in environmental education.

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While focusing on water quality monitoring at a watershed level, Stapp noted that most rivers start near rural communities that are demographically white, flow through mostly white suburbs, and end up passing through inner cities populated by many low-income, minority, and ethnic communities. Most educators recognize a sense of responsibility for preparing students to live and work in a global society. Unclear messages increase the difficulty of encouraging an individual or targeted audience to engage in action or make informed choices.

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Teachers of math, physics, and chemistry use specific examples from the environment to teach basic concepts. One reason for broadening the term is that education begins in the home, and this early learning does not find a comfortable resting place in the traditional definition of lifelong learning.

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The recommendations provide a framework for a flexible strategy and a toolbox of ideas, arult can be tailored to educational strategies reflective of individual and community needs. Interest in providing programs of study that emphasize education for sustainability is growing at schools and universities across the United States. Education for sustainability is a lifelong learning process that le to an informed and involved citizenry having the creative problem-solving skills, scientific and social literacy, and commitment to engage in responsible individual and cooperative actions.

A key feature of the Agenda is the "Opportunities for Partnerships" section at the conclusion of each chapter. A master's degree program focused on leadership in environmental education is launched. Course materials with regionally specific, hands- on examples will have to be developed, and teachers will benefit from training and practical assistance.

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There are additional examples. The development of environmental education standards is intended to be an open process, and opportunities for review and comment will be provided. Anyone thinking about some Tuesday breakfast fun?? Actions they have, taken to reduce risks on their property range from improving sabn air quality to reducing lead levels in drinking water and improving petroleum storage and pesticides handling.

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The program should employ specific examples of everyday actions that are sustainable, descriptive, potential cumulative benefits associated with sustainable behavior, and the positive impacts of changed U. Individually, they have varying degrees of influence on academic direction and programs, but collectively they have great lookinh to encourage innovation in education.

Similarly, all forms of education must focus on interconnections: the linkages found in nature and those connecting economic systems, environment, arid society. Mobilizing that power to make life in the twenty-first century more democratic, more secure, and more sustainable is the foremost challenge of this generation. Students, parents, alumnae, prospective employers, organizations that fund research and education government, industry, and foundationsand the public are all consumers, clients, or supporters of fkr services.

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The hope is that, through a variety of approaches, education for sustainability can involve broader audiences than it has in the past. The indicators can provide citizens with information that demonstrates individual contributions to the overall picture.