Others 34, 1. One of the major concerns was that the census only counted those individuals who had Macedonian citizenship at the time. Since a highly restrictive citizenship law was passed in, many ethnic minorities with long-standing ties to Macedonia were left without citizenship.

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Elementary education shall be compulsory.

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A largeofficially , live in the capital, Skopje. Macedonia has been a place of peaceful co-habitation but has relatively little inter-ethnic communication. Leaders of the ethnic communities complain that they, not parliament, should elect their representatives.

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In addition, Albanians' educational statistics are in part a reflection of their demographic characteristics and socio-economic status. According to a detailed report conducted before the parliamentary elections by the International Foundation for Electoral Systems IFESMacedonia's electoral commission has recognized that some electoral districts represent approximately 6, voters while others represent as many as 17, Let's say we had a provision that allowed a university in Albanian, we wouldn't just go and say this building from today is a building of the university.

Seex real problem is the quality of students.

We have cases where 15, people have voted for one [ethnic] Albanian deputy, while 3, people voted for one [ethnic] Macedonian deputy. In the city of Tetovo, where ethnic Albanians comprise approximately 80 percent of the population, only 38 percent of the police are Albanian, according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Despite this, the government rejected the request and declared that any attempt to open a private university would be unconstitutional.

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Both sides have different interpretations of where the border really lies, and the U. In Macedonia, the Albanian language was spoken in local governments where ethnic Albanians constituted a sizable portion of the population. The first director of the school, Mr. While the recent expansion of the Pedagogical Academy and the introduction of a 10 percent maceronia quota for minority students at the university are positive changes, we note that they were introduced only after the university in Tetovo had become a full-scale political concern that threatened the country's fragile inter-ethnic balance.

The closure of inefficient state firms has hurt production and caused a sudden rise in unemployment, something largely unknown during communism. They blocked the door.

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Former Minister Simoska denied that this would negatively effect ethnic Albanian students, but it seems plausible that the exam would be more difficult for an ethnic Albanians who, up until that point, had only studied and taken exams in the Albanian language. In Septemberthe Serb representative on the council, Bosko Despotovic, reed in protest. Usually this is related to a common suspicion of Albanians, whom they believe are posing a "threat" in both Kosovo and Western Macedonia.

This is unprecedented.

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The Albanian members of Macedonia's parliament boycotted the vote on independence in and asked their constituents not to participate in the meswaging. Demographics According to the census, ethnic Albanians make up Social tension has increased as a result, especially between the different ethnic communities.

According to witnesses, the police used violence beyond the amount necessary to bring the situation under control. In no other country in the Balkans, they argue, do minorities enjoy the degree of rights they have in Macedonia. Altogether, the United Nations estimates that the embargo and sanctions cost Macedonia U. Secondly, while the university in Tetovo may have been a provocative political initiative, rather than a genuine attempt to improve the education of ethnic Albanians, it appears that the university came about as a result of the government's messaginv to address the legitimate concerns of the Albanian community.

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In practical terms, for example, Albanians in Macedonia no longer have an Albanian-language university in Kosovo to attend. Ethnic Albanian political parties, however, maintain that the current voting districts are left over from the communist era and drawn in such a way as to dilute the Albanian vote.

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Relations with Kosovo The Macedonian government is very concerned about the situation in the predominantly Albanian region of Kosovo for a of reasons. Its biggest challenge, however, has been balancing the many competing forces that exert pressure on Macedonia, both at home and abroad. In the departments of the ministry in the western part of the country, where Albanians predominate, Albanians make up only 8.

In general, the Bulgarian government has taken a moderate stance toward the young state. A similar proportion exists in Gostivar, another predominantly nessaging Albanian city.

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The position of ethnic Albanians in Yugoslavia began to deteriorate in the early s. Since a highly restrictive citizenship law was passed in, many ethnic minorities with long-standing ties to Macedonia were left without citizenship. The television is "Macedonian TV. The Albanian population is concentrated sdx the western part of the country near the border with Albania. Please send me an to work something out between us. This is due to strong opinion in Bulgaria that the Macedonian identity was an artificial creation of Tito's.

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These included the new state's promise to respect minority rights, relinquish territorial claims and assure that it cty not engage in hostile acts against another state. In Kosovo lost its status as an autonomous region within Yugoslavia. Albanian students, therefore, can study through the twelfth grade exclusively in Albanian, with theexception of classes in Macedonian as a foreign language.