Spooky Nottinghamshire tales Nottinghamshire has a host of terrifying tales and harrowing hauntings, just look at our Ghost s.

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Since it was a 17 hour journay the staff are giving a 1 hour break to go through the back and have a sleep.


My Grandad died and it was a couple of days after the funeral. I finally got out of Bed and Opened the Door to let her in, But she wasn't there.

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We broke into the grounds in the late calveron, and planned to go into the house just as it was getting dark. A baby cries in the upstairs flat.

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Not long after this event there had been a story in the Mansfield Chad about a Taxi driver who had picked up a lady at Newstead Abbey gates and after he encountr driven a little while, he turned round to find encountrr she had disappeared. She said that her husband had died and thats why she was selling. My Grandad use to live only a couple of doors away on blue bell hill.

My mom wasn't scared because she said that alot of weird things has happeded to her.

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I always look at it when ejcounter go by i live on Hucknall Rd you see I don't know how true all that is, it's just what i heard. During the night shift, the nurses work a long shift with a couple of hours to rest in the middle.

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I once went out for a Jog along the banks of the Trent at Burton Joyce. I got up went into the kitchen and got a drink then came back in. Finally the person who i know told me that themselves and another nurse working there saw a person walk past the staff window with a dark grey "hoodie" on. I had to go to bed after that, it was just too weird!

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I'm going back about ten years or so. This caused me considerable alarm, the noise also awakening my parents in the room down calvrrton.

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I decided to stay over the night and Tidy the house up before Mum came the next day. But i know that the man is still there on Perry Road.

Me and my spouse were laying in bed and the alarm had been set for a. We had to pull board off a window, and break most of a window frame to get access - all the time it was getting darker and we were getting jumpier. I ignored them and went back on the computer and a few mintues later i was pushed again only this time with more force and i nearlly went face-first into the keyboard.

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Thinking it was a mouse I got out of bed to take a look but the noise stopped immediately. If it is that one, when i was little ,me and my friends used to play on that field and an old lady lived there. I have a friend who has an evil spirit in her house. I was scared, this went on until i was encoynter 16!

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He scanned around, as though he were looking for something, and when his eyes fixed on me a shudder ran through me and I nearly wet myself. My parents did buy the house and they are still there.

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And if Jack ever thinks he's ever coming home in that state again then the beast of bulwell common will get the order of the frying pan. The beast from hell that glints evil from out of its eyes.

I yelled back. It scared us both pretty bad. I noticed my both of my dogs had thier ears up and that the youngest one was looking my way.

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The new residents were named Cairns I think. I checked all round the car for the cyclist.

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Very coincidental, i'm wondering if this could have been The White Lady but I realise she died encounted young. It was horrible, it had 2wings and a yellow beak.

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He had the iron plugged into the light. It was about a. Someone did up the and we noticed tennants had moved in.

The next day I relayed the story to my Mother and we tried to look for some logical explanation. One night i heard a knockin rncounter the door,the time was 2 am and so i was amazed anyone was there,when i opened the door i was attacked by what seemed to be a ghostly figure of rolf harris.