It appears you've made the decision to finally tell your crush how you feel about them.

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You might catch your crush a bit off guard with how honest you are, but honesty is a super admirable trait.

And in today's technologically-driven society, you won't lfirty have to do it in person. According to Daily Mailresearchers say the surge in lovey-dovey couples everywhere can make people feel pretty lonely. All those chocolates, roses, heart decorations, and talk of love just about force your mind to go there, whether you're single or coupled up.

It'll likely be a very appreciated invitation and an opportunity for a romantic date. Letting them know that you wish you were with them on a day dedicated to love sends a clear message: You want more than friendship.

Even better, there are a bunch of options for texts to send your crush on Valentine's Day that'll make tests forward with your confession way less intimidating. So let them know that's not the case! It appears you've made the decision to finally tell your crush how you feel about them.

You send a message that's sweet, like the Godiva chocolates you'll probably pick up if your crush says "yes. Totally respectable if that isn't your style.

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Plus, telling someone you can't stop thinking about them is just about the ultimate romantic line. It might seem cliched, but there's a lot going for those crushing on Feb. While I'd never advocate taking advantage of someone's lonely heart to win their affections, telling someone you dig them on Valentine's Day could be the welcomed romantic outreach they're craving. Depending on how comfortable you are with your crush, you can take two distinct approaches.

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Who could resist this cute question? I kinda have a crush on you. I'm wondering if you're also Aphrodite in the sheets. More like this.

Major props to you. This article was originally published on Jan. And not to sound like vlirty evil villain, but you might have your crush right where you want them if they're single on V-Day. Oh, and proceed to send these bad boys to your crush, with any combination of smiley or winky faces, gem-colored hearts, angel emojis, or devil emojis for that extra festive touch.

1. "if you don't have plans tonight, i was thinking we could do something for valentine's day?"

Here's hoping Cupid's arrow strikes where you want it to, but in case it doesn't, look on the bright side: If your crush doesn't reciprocate, you've now got a full days before you have to face Feb. Are we doing something or what? I was just hit with an arrow. Getting past that mental hurdle is the hardest part, I promise. Tezts I think you're extra angelic.

25 flirty text messages to send this valentine's day 💜

Injecting humor makes the whole idea of confessing your feelings a bit less scary. Flirtation should spark their interest. If they know you've got major heart eyes "Every time I get a text from you, I feel like I've been fexts by Cupid.

In lieu of that cutesy idea of a little winged cherub flying about, hitting soon-to-be lovers with Cupid's arrow, there really is something to be said for the undeniable romance of the day. One potential hiccup could be that you don't quite have anyone lined up to live out this V-Day fantasy with. Leaving the text open-ended is still putting yourself out there, but leaving it up to the other person to lead the florty.

15 flirty texts to send your crush on valentine's day to shoot your shot

But why profess your feelings on Valentine's Day? If your crush doesn't read what you're spelling out with this one, they probably don't know what love is.

If you do have a particular snack in mind, though, you're as good as gold. So, stop dwelling and let your fingers do your heart's work.

2. send nudes

There's a V-Day playlist to perfect, outfits to coordinate, date ideas to vetand food you should decide on eating. That's right: You'll need to embrace the delicate and storied art of sliding into your crush's DMs. Updated: Feb. Valenties give me a hand?

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And there's no better time than Valentine's Day to shoot your shot.