Is cowley cowle vegetable you buy at Tesco's? Some seem to spend the entire day there. And although it doesn't say much for Britain's mental-health chat and social housing that such a haven is needed, it does add a certain bizarreness to the conversations one overhears. I sexy to frequent the Excelsior in order to think about computing and work on my "Excelsior" spreheet software; to chat; or just to drink the excellent coffee. And it's snatches from those cjat, noted down rather surreptitiously, that I've reprinted in this booklet. They were certainly there by the s.

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B You mean raining? See it's so difficult. Next time, I'm having a facelift. He's got no money and he wants a cup of tea.

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She just lied to say what she said. A He's waiting for Jack.

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A Tea please Kos while you're stood there doing nowt. B It's when he was killed. A To put on my cup. K Bad news?

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B Boom boom boom. B Did they put him away?

You work Saturday, Sunday, Easter, every day. A He coley me in three places. In charge of sinners. A What does Easter symbolise? Paul got his face sm —.

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Is that a vegetable you buy at Tesco's? He screamed in his sleep. He was just sitting there. A I'll tolerate her existence on this planet just about. They didn't grow Cos lettuces in Roman times A Who was Sheldon?

A He was a surgeon. That way he got me banned.

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B An Exocet? B That's when he was born.

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A One hundred and fifty pounds. Saturday, he sat in there all fuckin' day. A When you think you're God, or the Virgin Mary. K My customers, no-one wants them. But cowpey not supposed to smoke for 24 hours.

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They go elsewhere, they get chased off. What's in a Mars Bar? A And he's a very violent human being. I used to do the Outlook classes.

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Crianza is after one year. It didn't take them two days to find out where I'd hidden it. Two times this month, once down the Night Shelter. I stuck my head over a boiling kettle. To boom boom boom you got to eat something.

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They got a grinder out the back. B My car was off the road and someone lent me a Champ.

A You get delusions. B Not most, must. A Don't worry, it will go back to normal tomorrow.