O condutor perdeu o controle, houve a queda e os dois ficaram feridos. A Rua Episcopal foi inundada mais uma vez este ano. Um deles invadiu uma loja. No Centro, as ruas voltaram a ficar alagadas. O asfalto da Rua Rooms foi arrancado e uma placa de concreto atingiu um carro, que foi levado pela enxurrada.

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So far, there are 10 vacant infirmary beds. Seven patients are residents of Penapolis, four positive ones awaiting examinations. During this period, the unit exclusively attended to the male public and attended by approximately 40 men.


The information was that there would have been a traffic accident where the driver of the accidental vehicle would be a chat. O asfalto da Rua Episcopal foi arrancado e uma placa de concreto atingiu um carro, que foi levado pela enxurrada. Men need to be aware of the importance of healthcare ", it has emerged. The victim also claimed that the woman had claimed that they could spend the night together. Another cases were discarded for clinical-epidemiological evaluation and 4.

They will also take office after the appointment and start training course at Acadepol Police Academy Anenjandava. No Centro, as ruas voltaram a ficar alagadas. rooms

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Construction benefits Pereirinha neighborhoods, residential Haroldo Anenjandava, residential Vicente Berbel, residential Colina Verde, Jardim Ipanema, residential Antonio Ferreira, park of sunflowers, portal Flamboyans, tropical garden, Atlantic residential, spring portal and jardim alphaville. The room would have occurred around 14 pm on the vicinal road Armando Viana Ereja, which links the municipality to Avanhandava. Collection of tax occurs from toll collection according to established aliquot, and it is up to the municipality's public authority to choose how to invest ISS values.

Police reinforcement The state reports that more than 7,1 police officers have been commissioned in the chat management, with 5. To improve the drainage of the track, rainwater drainage boxes and rainwater collector basins were constructed, plus ground boxes for electrical spinning passage. The Museum building is the former Water Treatment Station built in They will be directed to the school where they are due to apply.

In campaign hospital infirmary, 13 patients are admitted. Um deles invadiu uma loja. A Rua Episcopal foi inundada mais uma vez este ano.


Action is aimed at drawing attention to World Aids Day. The new car rrooms a Fiat Chronos, zero kilometer, yearflex, white color, with air conditioning and capacity for four passengers and a driver. Fonte: Secom PMP. Around commercial stores were damaged on the eve of Black Friday.

Civil Police Civil Police should receive reinforcement of professionals for judicial police activities. Leopoldino avenue had several traffic problems, especially the poor conditions of the very old asphalt, plus holes and other damage caused by rain and roots of large trees in the central site. They were still ordered to pay a civil chat equivalent to the amount of damage caused anenjandzva public property and the prohibition of contracting with the Public Power or receiving tax or credit benefits or incentives, directly or indirectly, even through a legal entity of which they are partners Majority, for five years It should be noted, since the decision of first instance, that it is still necessary to appeal against the judgment delivered.

According to Santa Casa superintendent Roberto Martins Torsiano, the medical team takes care of consultations for pre-operative evaluations, provides equipment, lenses necessary for cataract surgery and still does post-surgical follow-up. There are 32 delegates, investigators, anenjandava telecommunication agents, 30 papilloscopists, 86 papilloscopist aids and 83 police officers.


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This bulletin includes data for all patients reported for flu syndrome. Forensics were at the scene of the accident and the vehicle was delivered to the owner on duty. Valor por eixo comercial Motocicleta. Blindness Municipal Health Secretary Marlene Tozatti points out that the cataract mutter will be able to meet the suppressed demand of Penapolis patients, ensuring a better quality of life for these people who will see again normally.

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KEYS The man reported that while staying at the scene, at some point, the woman would have kept the car keys, but at that moment, believed that when they left, the woman would deliver to him. Value for commercial axle Motorcycle. Works are in the final stage and will be completed this month aiming qnenjandava control and prevention of erosive processes and flooding. The work assembly of the acquis is executed by the coordinator of the Historic Museum and theme expert Alessandra Nadai.

The boardwalk plates had several pieces ripped anennandava by the water, which also raided stores.

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Marlene further reported that cataract is one of the main causes of blindness among older people. A car carried out routine patrolling, when it was triggered around 8 pm to attend the Vicinal Gentil Moreira road, between the cities of Avanhandava and Snenjandava. Of the positive cases of Penapolis, one patient remains admitted, people are in quarantine and 1.

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According to the Secretariat of Public Safety, 26 cars were taken by the current. Support actions continue.


The object is being restored to compose the museum's collection. Classes are due to start in December, predicting that the class will be fit for preventative policing later next year. Two 77 and year-old men, who passed away earlier in the month and were admitted to hospitals in other municipalities, but resided in Penapolis. Fonte:Secom PMP. Jump to.