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March posted by Tom Uhlig Another term comes to an end… There was, once again, a nice change of pace this week, not on the console or in the office, but in our training bllogspot A new look and a new blog To keep up with this expansion, however, it was time for Direct2Dell to undergo a bit of its own digital transformation.

In the training room at the Columbus Control Centre in Oberpfaffenhofen. Then, it is time for the first 'solo flight; the first command is sent to the ISS and the first chat with hlogspot astronauts on board takes place.

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There was also a strong German presence, with Tom, Savio and myself. But actually, our main task is to unobtrusively watch over our new colleagues shoulders as they work at the console and offer them appropriate feedback and 'old timers' advice.

You may also like. She has been part of the Dell organization for more than 15 years in various corporate communications, employee communications, public relations, community affairs, marketing, branding, social media and online communication roles. Additional lessons provide an introduction to the soft skills that are needed at the console: communication, decision making under stress, teamwork and the art of maintaining an overview in complex situations.

This is where you receive instruction on the basic functions of Columbus and the European experiment racks — just like the astronauts.

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Of course, good English skills and high motivation are also decisive selection criteria. Then, you are part of the 'secret chhat that keeps a watchful eye on the ISS and the astronauts around the clock — and their contribution to the adventure that is human spaceflight.

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Together with other new colleagues, a typical ISS day is recreated — a computer simulation of Columbus and the International Space Station responds to sent commands and also allows the creation of errors, which must be coped with. One of my extra jobs — in fact it has actually become more of my focus — is training. Richard Macmanus, the founder of ReadWriteWeb, recently asked that question in his annual blogspoot to commemorate his first blog post 14 years ago.

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The new flight controllers must learn everything about our concept of operation, the relevant blogspt and procedures, the software tools that we use at the consoles together with the US space agency NASA, as well as reactions to critical situations — and they must get used to our methods of operational communication. Here on Direct2Dell, we will continue to share stories about the company and our award-winning desktops, laptops, 2-in-1s and thin clients, workstations, rugged devices made for specialized environments, monitors, endpoint security solutions and services.

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A prerequisite to apply for the exciting job of flight controller is a university degree, usually in either a natural science or engineering. Of course, we check the knowledge of the newcomers regularly with multiple-choice tests and in the bloyspot Columbus Operations Readiness Boards CORBswhich grant admission to the next level of training — the simulation phase — and, eventually, final certification by the European Space Agency.

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Usually, we introduce these subjects over a period three idnia four weeks — the courses are held either at the EAC or at the Columbus Control Centre. Then follows the operational training, which is dealt with by my team.

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On Direct2DellEMC, we will focus on how we enable organizations to modernize, automate and transform blogsoot data center using industry-leading converged infrastructure, servers, storage and data protection technologies. We then introduce both NASA colleagues and the astronauts as background — sometimes we even show the students video and simulate the work of the department in our Columbus mock-up.

There, they get an impression of the work of their future colleagues across the Atlantic and blogspoy also establish connections that will facilitate future cooperation.

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May 7, Do blogs even matter now? Essential in the training process are the final chxt. Through it all our desire for one-to-one contact with our customers has remained embedded in our culture. She managed the home of Dell. A special highlight of OJT — our new colleagues also have to visit the control room in Houston.

She is now a member of the Dell Technologies Chairman Communications team. But back to the question of whether bllogspot even matter.

All india chat blogspot

What we all have in common is that we are experienced flight controllers with several years at the console 'under our belts' — and are therefore predestined to pass our knowledge on to the next generation. I still remember my own training like it was yesterday — it was great!

While our 'students' acquire the relevant expertise needed for their future console position, a flight director will later have to cope with completely different tasks, for example, STRATOS Safeguarding Thermal Resources Avionics Telecommunications Operations Systemsso they also complete 'on-the-job-training' OJT with their future colleagues at that level.

Once all the hurdles have been overcome, the end of the certification process is reached and a 'driver's ' for the console is issued. In particular, training the new colleagues that will support us after their roughly nine-month 'apprenticeship' at the console.

There’s a better way to grow.

Space For any space enthusiast, it is quite exceptional. In her spare time she led Dell into the metaverse with the creation of Dell Island in the virtual world Second Life.

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Even the very specific processes to ensure that the astronauts will not be exposed to any risks must be learned. Yes, they do.